Yellow Belt

  1. What style of karate do you study? (Isshinryu Karate)
  2. What is the English translation to the last question? (One heart way)
  3. Who was the founder of this style? (Tatsuo Shimabuku)
  4. What is the name of the patch we wear on our Uniforms? (Mizu Gami)
  5. What are the two styles of karate that make up our style? (Shorin-ryu and Goju-ryu)
  6. Who was Master Shimabuku’s first karate instructor? (His uncle)
  7. Who was his first Master Instructor? (Chotuku Kyan)
  8. What year was Master Shimabuku born? (1908)
  9. What year did he die? (1975)


  1. Mae-geri (Front kick)
  2. Sensei (instuctor or teacher)
  3. Kumite (sparring)

Write out the karate creed and know the eight codes.

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