My grandchildren have “grown up” immensely since they started going to the Karate classes. The atmosphere is very friendly and their teaching and beliefs are very much in accordance to those of our family. Thank you!Isabel Macias Schnur
Its more than karate that is taught…They have been an invaluable part of growing my boys into men. I will forever be indebted for the influence that they have had on my boys.Donald F. Smith, Jr.
Great martial arts taught by great instructors. Always a fun time at CFI.Austin Graham
CFI is like meeting long lost family for the first time, it feels like home and you know you can trust them with your kids.Mark T.
I trained in 2 dojo’s up north, and loved them, but CFI is different. They ARE a family. Even though my kids and I are in and out months at a time for other commitments, we ALWAYS feel welcomed. There are not many dojo’s that can say they have so many active black belts and large classes. They are doing something right!Nicole S.
The method of training at CFI expects each student to help teach those less experienced and that leadership skill grows and manifests itself in every area of life. My daughter has taken karate since the age of 7. She is now a teenager, and has become a leader in all the activities she does. CFI is helping her grow into her full potential.Ron L.
Karate has traditionally been known for teaching self-defense and discipline. Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu takes it beyond traditional. I have watched my children build confidence and respect. The children there develop a sense of loyalty and fellowship. Not all dojos teach these things, but then not all dojos are Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu.Christine C.
Six years ago, we enrolled our quiet and shy 7 year old son at CFI to help improve his self confidence. Within a few months his brother, age 5, also joined in for classes. I am no longer a worried parent of how our kids will handle themselves with school bullies, or any other situation that may be intimidating in life. They have grown into self confident young men, now ages 13 and 10, who are respectful and love their karate family! CFI has helped them learn to set goals in life, and also mirrors the same Christian values we work hard to teach our family at home.LuCinda S.