Purple Belt

  1. What is the name of Master Shimabuku’s oldest son? (Kichiro Shimabuku)
  2. Which of the master instuctors did Master Shimabuku spend the most time learning from? (Chotoku Kyan)
  3. On your mizu gami, what does the churning water represent?(the turbulence of life)
  4. Who is Eizo Shimabuku? (Tatsuo’s younger brother, master of shorin ryu)
  5. In what city was the central dojo located? (Agena)
  6. Name three 1st Generation Isshinryu students (see blue belt)
  7. On what date was Master Shimabuku born? (September 1908)
  8. Which of the following katas was not named after a man or family? Tokumine no kun, Wansu, Sieuchin, Chinto (Sieuchin)
  9. How man katas (open hand and weapon) are in the Isshinryu system> (14)
  10. Beware the fury of a………. (patient man)
  11. What does goju-ryu mean? Translate (hard-soft way)
  12. Which Isshiryu kick do you consider the most devastating? Which do you consider to be the most practical?
  13. What do you enjoy most about your karate training?
  14. Why do you think Master Shimabuku changed the structure of the traditional twist punch in favor of the Isshinryu vertical fist?

Write out the karate creed and know the eight codes.

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