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Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu Afterschool Karate Program

Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu Afterschool Program provides a rich and secure learning environment that will help your child make the most of their afterschool hours. Our program combines supervised homework and study time with a organized games and a well balanced curriculum in the martial arts.

We currently pick up from the following schools:

New Hanover County

Wrightsboro Elementary
Murrayville Elementary
Castle Hayne Elementary
Trask Middle
Holly Shelter Middle School

Student Tuition and Fees

5 days per week – $75.00 wk
Sibling Rate – $65.00 wk

All day after school fee add on – $15

Please remember that we do not pick up for inclement weather changes (closings and early release due to weather or emergency). We do pick up scheduled early release days.

There is no extra charge for early release days. However, we do not include holidays, teacher work days or school breaks in tuition. There will be an extra charge of $15.00 for each day.

“Find your child” Fee of $10.00
If you do not notify us by 1:30 PM that your child does not need to be picked up.

Late Payment Fee $5.00
Tuition is due the Friday before the week being paid for. Payments not received by Monday are subject to a late fee of $5.00.

Late Pick up Fee
$5.00 for the first fifeteen minutes, $1.00 each additional minute. Notification in advance could nullify any late fees.

Payment Policies

Tuition is due on Friday for the following week. Payments not received by Monday are subject to a late fee of $5.00. If payment has not been received by Wednesday at 5:00 pm, we will not be able to pick up your child until full payment is received. Should you need to withdraw your child for any reason from our program, we need a written three week notice.

Returned checks are subject to a $15.00 surcharge.


There will be no refunds for any reasons. There will be no credit, refunds, or make up time offered for absences and there are no exceptions to this rule. This agreement is binding and requires a three week written notice for cancellation.


We hereby authorize Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu Incorporated and its agents to photograph me or my child/children and to utilize such photographs in any print media, including the internet, for any commercial purpose. We agree that we shall not be entitled to receive any compensation as a result of such use including but not limited to, the promotion of Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu Incorporated.


Please notify us as soon as you know your child will not be attending. We recommend the day prior, or by 10:30 the day of. This will allow for our program to run smoothly and eliminate the potential for unnecessary delays in our transportation schedule. If you do not notify us by 1:30 PM that your child does not need to be picked up on a particular day, and we have to wait for the school to tell us of the whereabouts of your child, you will be accessed a “Find your child” fee of $10.00.

Personal Belongings

Cubbies will be issued during your child’s first week. He/she will be asked to keep all personal belongings there except during specified time for homework or free play. It is the responsibility of the children to retrieve their belongings (with the exception of student uniforms) at the end of each day. We cannot accept responsibility for items left overnight and/or prolonged storage. Please keep this in mind when considering what to send with your child each day.

Any clothing or personal belongings left at the end of the day will be placed in “lost and found”. Any unclaimed items will be discarded after ten days.

Pick – Up Time

After school care ends at 6:00 (we allow exceptions until 6:15 pm). If you are unable to pick your child up by then, please let us know in advance, if possible. A late fee of $5.00 will be assessed after 6:15 pm until 6:30. After 6:30 pm, an additional $1.00 per minute will be added. This fee is due when the child is picked up. Please remember to sign your child out each day and let us know in advance if someone else is coming to pick up your child.


A uniform should be purchased for your child/children. Cost for this item is $45.00, but should last your child all year unless they outgrow it. It is very important that they have their uniform every day and it should be clean and be kept in good repair.


We will provide snacks for your child/children. If your child/children require any special nutritional items or have food allergies, please contact us to make arrangements to provide snacks. Rules for lunch and/or snack time include: using table manners, respecting prayer time before meals, staying at the table until excused, and cleaning their area after eating.

Please note:

During summer day camp, vacation days, etc., snacks are provided, but students are responsible for their own lunch each day. Lunches should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

Our Goal at Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu is to give your child a positive outlet for their creative energies. Our two senior instructors combine for more than 40 years in the martial arts and are both licensed educators in the state of North Carolina. We strive for teaching safe, fun, and challenging martial arts. As with every program, we have rules that all students must follow.

Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu Rules of Conduct

The following is a list of rules for our After School Program. We can not list every act a child could conceivably engage in. This should serve as a general list. We reserve the right to remove a child without prior notification who, in our sole discretion is unable to fit into our program.


  • The use of obscene or profane language, or any acts, gestures, or innuendo directed at any student or staff member.
  • The use of any derogatory language; referring to the color, religion, ethic origin or any aspects of a person’s character, custom and/or heritage.
  • An act of dishonesty, deception and/or related behavior.
  • Failure to follow instructors’ or counselors’ instructions (repeatedly).
  • Not following safety rules (e.g. unbuckling safety belts, jumping or running in unauthorized areas)
  • The possession of any narcotic, drug or other controlled substance other than those authorized by parents and/or doctor.
  • The possession of any firearm, weapon, or any item that resembles a weapon.
  • Threatening another student, through intimidation, either verbal or non-verbal.
  • Destruction of Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu property, or the property of other students or staff.
  • Touching or physical horseplay, this behavior is strictly prohibited because of the possibility of injury or physical altercations.
  • Borrowing or lending money.
  • Any acts that can cause injury to students, facilities, property, staff members, etc.

Discipline Policy

If Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu experiences repeated inappropriate behavior for any enrolled child, that child will be given a verbal warning and instruction on how to correct the behavior. After being set out of the activity, if the student’s behavior is not corrected promptly, we will call the parent or guardian for assistance. Upon a second disciplinary action requiring a phone call to the parent or guardian, we will require the parent or guardian to make arrangements to immediately (30 minutes or less) pick up their child for the rest of the day. Students that are a consistent disciplinary problem will be suspended from the program after appropriate warning to the parents. Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu reserves the right to remove any child from the program. This is for the safety and well being of all students and staff.

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