Orange Belt

  1. What does the Name “Tatsuo” mean? (Dragon Man)
  2. On what date did Master Shimabuku pass away? (May 30th, 1975)
  3. What year did Isshinryu become an official style? (1954)
  4. Who was Master Shimabuku’s first master instructor? (Chotuku Kyan)
  5. What style did this instructor teach? (Shorin-ryu)
  6. Who was Master Shimabuku’s second master instructor? (Chojun Miyagi)
  7. What style did this instructor teach? (Goju-ryu)
  8. Who was Master Shimabuku’s third master instructor? (Choki Motobu)
  9. What do the three stars on the mizu gami stand for? (Shimabuku’s three instructors, Shorinryu, gojuryu, Isshinryu, The holy trinity, or the three arrows of karate)
  10. In what country was Master Shimabuku born? (Okinawa)
  11. How many opponents do you face in Seisan kata? (13)


  1. Waza (technique)
  2. Bunkai (definition)
  3. Ushiro-geri (back kick)
  4. Kyu (grade or rank)
  5. Dachi (stance)

Write out the karate creed and know the eight codes.

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