Green Belt

  1. What does Shinkichi mean? (good fortune)
  2. Which of Master Shimabuku’s master instuctors was most known as an excellent fighter? (Choki Motobu)
  3. What are the traditional names for Shorin ryu and Goju ryu? (Shuri-te and Naha-te)
  4. What is wansu kata known for? (the dump)
  5. What style of shorin-ryu did Choki Motobu teach? (kobayashi-ryu)
  6. On your mizu gami, what does the gray background represent? (the serenity of life)
  7. Who was Master Shimabuku’s fourth master Instructor (weapons) (Taira Shinken)
  8. Name two first generation Isshinryu students. (see blue belt)
  9. What is the name of the first bo kata? (Tokumeni no kun)
  10. Of the arrows of karate, which do you consider the most important in your personal training?


  1. Renshi (one to be mirrored)
  2. Seiken (punch)
  3. Nukite (knife hand)
  4. Rei (bow)
  5. Ni-dan (second degree)

Write out the karate creed and know the eight codes.