Choosing a Dojo

How to Choose a Martial Arts School

1. Decide what you would like to gain from the Martial Arts.

Make sure you are aware of your personal goals before choosing a Martial Arts school. Not understanding what you hope to accomplish can lead to disappointment which can lead to a missed opportunity to fully experience the benefits of Martial Arts training. Ask yourself, How important are the following….self defense, improving your fitness, competing, character development, creative expression, and or certification?

2. Each dojo had a different mix of the above items, so it is important to find one that has a balance that you are happy with.

Understand that each dojo has different priorities in their training. Make sure to find out what those are and that they match up to what you’re looking for.

3. Check out several options and talk to other students.

Almost all Martial Arts schools offer a free class. Narrow the search down to the schools that you enjoyed the most. If you didn’t have a good time during the free class, chances are you will not last at that particular dojo.

4. Find a qualified instructor.

Do your research. Check credentials and make sure you feel comfortable with the instructors. Find out how long a dojo has been around. Ask the instructors how long they have been practicing and/or teaching Martial Arts. Talk with other students and parents. Understanding the instructor’s experience and training can help you make an informed decision in choosing a dojo. Just because someone opens a karate school doesn’t make them a good Martial Artist or an effective teacher.

5. Sit down with the instructor and discuss your goals.

Don’t forget to ask plenty of questions while talking to the instructor. Tell him/her what you are looking for and decide if that particular dojo is right for you.