Brown Belt

  1. In what year did Chotoku Kyan pass away? (1945)
  2. Which of Master Shimabuku’s three Master instructors lived beyond World War II? (Chojun Miyagi)
  3. Name four 1st generation Isshinryu students. (See blue belt)
  4. Name two katas that originate in the goju-ryu style (Sanchin and Sieuchin)
  5. Which Master instuctor taught Shimabuku Tokumeni No Kun? (Kyan)
  6. Name the three weapons taught in Isshinryu. (Bo, Sai, Tuifa)
  7. How did these weapons originate? (farm tools)
  8. Who was Habiku Moden? (the weapon master who taught Taira Shinken)
  9. What is unique about sunsu kata? (only taught in Isshinryu..created by Master Shimabuku)
  10. What relation was Tatsuo Shimabuku to Angi Uezu? (Angi Uezu is married Master Shimabuku’s daughter)
  11. Name three styles of Martial arts not closely related to Isshinryu. (Kung Fu, Tae Kwon do, Jeet kune do, Aikido, etc…)
  12. Which of the 15 upper body basics do you consider most practical for your fighting style.
  13. With the exception of Tatsuo Shimabuku, of all the karate masters we have learned about, which would ou like to spend one week working out with? Explain your answer.
  14. Starting with yourself, trace your Isshinryu history back to Master Shimabuku.

Write out the karate creed
Know the eight codes of Isshinryu and briefly explain each.

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