Cape Fear

Karate & Afterschool Program
2704-B Exchange Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 392-3703

Teaching Karate in Wilmington since 2001 Make sure to check our FaceBook Group for dates and information on upcoming happenings!

Head Instructors

Sensei Brent Holland (7th degree black belt Isshin-Ryu, 4th degree black belt Kobudo) and Sensei Byron Holland (6th degree black belt Isshin-Ryu, 3rd degree black belt Kobudo) have over 40 years of martial arts training and are both licensed educators in the state of NC.


Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu was formed in 2001 and through the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we have continued to grow, starting an afterschool program in 2008. Read More…
  • Paul T.

    My son loves it!

  • Tonya B.

    Great place for kids. 

  • Trish D.

    Very patient with the little ones!

  • Mark T.

    Great Place for the whole family to learn karate. 

  • Stephanie M.

    This is a terrific place to send your kids for care or lessons or to take lessons. They Love what they do and you can tell.

  • Sheena O.

    This place is so wonderful. My daughter started going to Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu almost 3.5 years ago. They have not only taught her karate, they have given her confidence. That in itself is priceless. They pick her up from school which is a huge help to me and are flexible. The staff is also wonderful. My daughter and I love this place! Highly recommend!

  • Sarah H.

    The staff at Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu is amazing!!! My son has been involved in the afterschool program for two years and he loves it. They have a great structure that includes karate instruction, physical games, and HOMEWORK.

  • Toni K.

    Our son has been attending since first grade, and has really grown up through the program, to the point of now helping teach younger students as a black belt. All of the adult staff are great people, and have built a great environment for after-school care and night classes, highly recommended.

  • Toni L.

    When my son decided he wanted to do karate we visited several dojos. As we walked out I immediately told him that was the one. He has enjoyed every minute he has spent there, and has helped his self confidence. It has also helped develop leadership skills, because as the students work their way up, they help instruct those of lower rank.

  • Stephanie M.

    After sending kids through other programs and then sending one through this program its a no brainer. I wish i would have found them sooner! Great human beings who care for your children like their own. 👍👍 my daughter is better for having known these people.

  • Holly L.

    I started at CFI when I was really young and it’s been an awesome part of my life! So many great people here and so many knowledgeable people to learn from! Both my siblings have gone here for the afterschool program and had a lot of fun!

  • Charles R.

    My kids were too old to go to the after-school program of Cape Fear Isshin-ryu when we started attending adult classes there. My wife and I love the adult classes. That being said, the kids who have aged into the adult class from the after school program are very well trained. I would definitely send my kids there if I had kids that age.

  • Tara A.

    Our children absolutely love taking classes here. My husband and I am encouraged by their desire to practice and grow. Our highly opinionated daughter loves her teachers and feels safe and secure in CFI’s environment.

  • Isabel S.

    My grandchildren have “grown up” immensely since they started going to the Karate classes. The atmosphere is very friendly and their teaching and beliefs are very much in accordance to those of our family. Thank you!

  • Nicole S.

    I trained in 2 dojo’s up north, and loved them, but CFI is different. They ARE a family. Even though my kids and I are in and out months at a time for other commitments, we ALWAYS feel welcomed. There are not many dojo’s that can say they have so many active black belts and large classes. They are doing something right!

  • Ron L.

    The method of training at CFI expects each student to help teach those less experienced and that leadership skill grows and manifests itself in every area of life. My daughter has taken karate since the age of 7. She is now a teenager, and has become a leader in all the activities she does. CFI is helping her grow into her full potential.

  • Christine C.

    Karate has traditionally been known for teaching self-defense and discipline. Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu takes it beyond traditional. I have watched my children build confidence and respect. The children there develop a sense of loyalty and fellowship. Not all dojos teach these things, but then not all dojos are Cape Fear Isshin-Ryu.